Friday 5 November 2010


The theme for the first two weeks of this term is 'Wizards, Wands and Witches' in Early Years. As you can imagine, there have been lots of spooky things happening all over the bases. Have a look, if you dare...

Here we are reading spooky stories in the dressing up area.

Evan used the digital camera to take a photo of Miss Bavin cutting the pumpkin.
We were tring to guess what might be inside.
Cole and Evan counted the seeds- there were far
more than we had imagined!

Our book of the week is 'Pumpkin Soup', we have been using the props and puppets to help us re-tell the story.

The Acorn children are also enjoying our spooky theme and having lots of fun dressing up!
Here the Maples are trying some spooky dancing. They really enjoyed it and didn't even realise that by waving their wands in the air they were actually improving their writing skills.
In our literacy sessions we have been learning to rhyme. In this video you can see the children casting spells using rhyming words. This is Olivia's spell, she used words that rhyme with cat.

We watched the video in our carpet session and in pairs made up sentences about what we had seen.
"We could see people dancing and joining in the actions." (Niamh and Connor)
" I see a light." (Luke)
" I can see my cauldron and we are dancing around and singing and doing scary wich faces." (Olivia and Oliver)

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