Sustainable Schools

As part of our commitment to the environment we have decided to take part in the Sustainable Schools scheme. Sustainable schools is split into 8 key areas which are:
1) Inclusion and participation: this section is about community cohesion. School aims to provide a warm welcoming atmosphere where the contributions and ideas of all are valued. We aim to provide children with the skills and knowledge to takle predjudices and injustice and instill a life-long respect for human rights, freedom and culture.
2) Local Wellbeing: we aim to provide children with opportunities to focus on local challenges and issues and to use our local environment to it's full potential.
3) Global Dimension: we help children to develop an international outlook by learning about global issues and having links with international schools.
4) Food and Drink: We aim to promote healthy eating and lifestyles and improve pupils’ understanding of food and where it comes from, while also protecting the environment and supporting local producers and suppliers.
5) Energy and Water: we aim to reduce the use of energy and water within school through curriculum coverage, use of solar energy and support of the eco-team.
6) Travel and Traffic: walking and cycling to school provides pupils with a healthy start to the day as well as reducing congestion and pollution, we aim to reduce the number of cars used by staff and pupils.
7) Purchasing and Waste: we have a reduce, reuse and recycle ethos in school.
8) Buildings and grounds: we aim to keep the school sustainable by providing well cared for buildings and grounds that support learning.

There are many things that we already do in school at the moment which include:
  • recycling batteries
  • recycling paper and card
  • growing our own vegetables
  • establishment of an eco-team
  • installation of solar panels
If you have any ideas on ways in which we can improve our sustainability please post on the blog or come to see Miss Bavin in Reception Class.