Wednesday 29 February 2012

Indian Musical Instruments

This week we have all had chance to play Indian instruments:

The pitch bending sitar.

The hammered harp-like santoor.
 The loud dhol!

Ostinato rhythms, called talas were played on tablas (a type of Indian hand drum):

We were accompanied by a drone (a continuous pitched sound) provided by an Indian harmonium. As well as listening to traditional Indian and modern Indian music from Bollywood, we have listened to English musicians who have been inspired by Indian music, such as the Beatles and the Imagined Village.

You can sing along with a Gujarati song ‘Ame sau vala tara bal’ at the following link:

Friday 24 February 2012

Klezmer music

Oak Class have started on a new topic about Judaism. Mr Ross invited one of his friends to demonstrate to Oak and Elm what Klezmer music sounds like! She was called Seonaidh. We really enjoyed the music and asked Seonadih about Klezmer music, and about a band that she was in. She told Oak that the main 3 instruments are: clarinet, fiddle and an accordion. She also told us that this type of music is often played at weddings. The music started off slowly and then got faster and faster and was very exciting.Miss Carpenter played a song with Seonaidh, and she was fantastic!

Oak Class then learned some Jewish Circle dances in the Hall. First we were shown some basic dance steps and then we split into groups to create our own Circle dances .
Miss Carpenter played her Accordian for us and we each demonstrated the dance in front of the rest of the class. We worked really hard at this and had a great time.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Key Stage Two synagogue trip

During the last week of the half term key stage two went on a trip to the Etz Chaim Synagogue in Leeds. Whilst we were there we learnt about the traditions of the Jewish faith and what happens inside a syngagogue.
 We were able to do some sketches of some of the signs and symbols that we found inside.
 We looked at the different prayer books that they use.
 This is where they keep copies of their holy book the Torah.
 This is a smaller version of the Torah. It is written and read out in Hebrew. Did you know that Hebrew is written from right to left?

 Boys and married women have to wear hats inside a synagogue at all times, as a sign of respect.

We had the opportunity to ask questions and look at the different artefacts they keep inside their synagogue.

Mrs Warren samples some of Elm class' growth potion

In Elm class last half term we became a little bit obsessed with Harry Potter and turned our classroom into a potions laboratory!

One of the potions that was made was a growth potion. We decided to test it out on Mrs Warren. How successful do you think our potion was.....

Miss Dowding, Mrs Estell and Mrs Hey - three of the tallest teachers in the school, all had to look UP at Mrs Warren for the first time ever! You can tell by the smile on her face that she was incredibly excited!

Tag Rugby

Elm class thoroughly enjoyed their Tag Rugby coaching session. They were even able to teach Miss Dowding a few skills during the session!

Friday 3 February 2012

Oak Class Spanish

Ashfield’s Oak Class
In Oak Class we have Mrs Harper for Spanish. We have been learning about clothes. 
Here is Dean dressed up in lots of really silly clothes with Mrs Harper we tried to name all of the clothes that he is wearing. What can you see that he’s wearing? :
A scarf, A tie, A woolly hat, A summer hat, A shirt, A pair of sunglasses, gloves and an umbrella  in his hands.
Mrs Harper, is from secondary school (Prince Henry’s Grammar School).
By Grace

Thursday 2 February 2012