Every year we ask parents for their opinions about different aspects of school life in the form of a questionnaire. This information is then collated and helps us to work out what you feel we are doing well and what we need to do to improve. Here is what you said:

What are we doing well?
·         School is welcoming to all visitors 100% agreed or strongly agreed;
·         School helps pupils to adopt healthy lifestyles 100% agreed or strongly agreed;
·         97% agreed or strongly agreed that their child was happy at school;
·         97% agreed or strongly agreed that teaching and learning is good;
·         Supporting parents with their child’s learning 97% agreed or strongly agreed (71% strongly agreed);
·         Good relationships was praised with 97% agreeing or strongly agreeing that school demonstrates this;
·         Communication was seen as a key strength with 97% agreeing or strongly agreeing 77% of parents actually strongly agreed;
·         97% of parents feel that we are preparing their child for the future

In your own words
" Communication between teachers and parents. Any concerns are listened to and acted on"
"Open, friendly, down-to-earth"
"The school is absolutely brilliant at dealing with and helping children who ave challenging behaviour and other problems. They have persisted with my son and sought help for him and because of this he has now settled into school and is working effectively. I cannot praise the school enough."
"friendly, caring environment"
"Supporting all children of all abilities. Comunity support"
"equal treatment to all"
"pupil+ teacher+ parent= support system"

What do we need to do better?
  • More after school clubs for all children
  • More after school clubs for KS1
  • Improve the reputation of the school within the community
What are we doing about it?
  • This year there has been an increase in clubs offered to children- in the Autumn term there were clubs on every night. In the spring and summer term we have had ICT club, homework club, football, chess club, dance clubs, cricket and now running club. We will post more pictures to the blog so that you can see what school is offering.
  • This half term we have increased the after school clubs for KS1.
  • Jo Walker has taken on the role of Press Officer and is working closely with staff to show off what we are doing in the local press.

We love to hear your opinions, so feel free to add a post sharing what you think makes Ashfield such a great place and what would make it even better.