Thursday 23 June 2011

Frog Frenzy

K and M arew writing about the tadpoles.

B & R are investigating.

One of the Acorn Children brought tadpoles into the base. We set up an observation area to look at them and do some observational drawings.

What did we learn?
Tadpoles swim a lot and really fast.
How to look after them.
They need pond water.
They turn into froglets first and then into frogs.
The tadpoles eventually lose their tails.
You have to put a rock in the water so they can crawl onto it when they become frogs.

Show and Tell

Kaitlin found something very interesting in her garden at the weekend. She brought the photos in to show us and then did a 'show and tell' to the whole class!
She told us about what she fed and what they did when they found it.

Can you bring something interesting for show and tell?

Wednesday 8 June 2011

The Debate: Should we build a road on the Island of Struay?

We have been learning about living on an island just like Katie Morag who lives on the Isle of Stuay. Today we were talking about transport on the island and comparing it to transport in Otley. We decided to have a debate: Should we build a road on the Island of Struay? We had a group of old islanders, a group of young islanders and a group of councillors. Each group got together to discuss their reasons for or against building a road, then we held our meeting.
See the pictures below.

At the end of the meeting we had a vote and it was decided that a road would be beneficial to the island because it would make all parts of the island more accessible and it would bring more visitors to the island and therefore more money.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Playground Leaders

School council expressed an interest in starting up playground leaders for lunch and breaktimes. Miss Bavin has been running the club at Golden Time. The volunteers have been learning playground games, wake-up shake-up routines and will be doing conflict resolution to support children in solving friendship problems.