Friday 5 November 2010

Feeding the Birds

At the Orchard Centre we were thinking about the birds as winter approaches. We made a bird feeder with melted fat and a selection of seeds. It will hang upside down from the bird table and we are watching out for small birds. Hopefully if we attract some visitors we can add some other types of bird food and see if we get any other visitors.


  1. A stunning bird has been spotted around Ashfield - we think it is a WAXWING!It is a plump, crested bird that comes to Britain in winter from Scandinavia.

  2. Wow, a WAXWING has been spotted around the grounds of Ashfield apparantly these plump, crested birds come to Britain in winter from Scandinavia. They feed on berries and can be seen in gardens and cities ... and now Otley!