Thursday 26 May 2011

Wedding Fever

Our work on the Royal wedding began with recreating what we had seen on the television.

Don't Kate and Wills look fabulous!

The Royal Wedding really inspired the children in Maple and Acorn classes and so we decided to extend the work and look at weddings in general. We decided to invite Mrs Patel in to tell us all about Hindu weddings
She showed us the clothes that people wear.

And we even got to try them on.
Mrs Perring tried on the sari- doesn't she look beautiful!

Pirates and Princesses Day

Pirates and princesses took over the Early Years unit on Wednesday. Have a look at some of the things they got up to...

We role-played and then wrote a story together.

The Acorns made sandwiches for the party.
We played on the pirate ship.

We wore the hats we'd made earlier in the week.


Making our own pirate ship in the large construction area.

Using maps to find treasure.

Exploring Sounds

Maples have been exploring the sounds that different musical instruments make. Here the children are trying to recreate the sound of the sea.

The Day Pirates Invaded Maple Class- a story by Maple Class

Yesterday Maple class was taken over by a gang of pirates and princesses.
The Maples began the day by telling their own story about pirates and princesses.

Once upon a time there lived a band of nasty pirates. They had heard about a ball that the princesses were having in Maple Class.
The dastardly pirates kidnapped the beautiful princesses and took them aboard their ship.
The pirates celebrated with rum and dancing.

The princesses- locked away in the ship's dungeon began to cry.

 They stopped when they heard the music and decided to have a dance with the pirates.

When the dancing had finished they decided they wanted to stay on the ship and so became pirate princesses.

And they all lived happily ever after.

KS2 Roman Day

This half term the whole of Key Stage 2 have been using the Romans as a learning topic.

Beech have been using Roman Numerals in Maths, and designing, making and composing descriptive writing pieces about Roman helmets in D.T and Literacy. We have been learning all about the history of the Romans and some of the famous characters in history such as Julius Caeser and the Gladiators.

This week Key Stage 2 had a very special visitor. A real life(!) Roman Centurion came to Ashfield to teach us more about Roman life, show us some artefacts and weapons; teach us some Roman games and pottery skills; and whip us into shape by training us to be a Roman army.

Below are some pictures and video of the Year 3/4 day on Wednesday.
Ella tries on a Roman auxiliary soldier dress.

Roman Games

Getting ready for battle.

Friday 20 May 2011

This Week in ICT Golden Time Club...

We have been learning how to create our own
animations using Windows Movie Maker.

Here is some of our finished work:

Tuesday 10 May 2011

Musical fun in Willow!

This afternoon in our music lesson we had great fun exploring pitch using the xylophones.

Friday 6 May 2011

Golden Time at Ashfield

This week at ICT Club we decided to take some photographs and video clips of all the different Golden Time Clubs going on around school. We also used Text Ease and Word to write about Golden Time.
See our work below.
  Golden time

Golden time is a fantastic way to have fun! There are all sorts of clubs to choose from! For example…
·       Fizz books
·       Netball/hockey
·       I.C.T
·       Table tennis
·       Messy art

But there’s one other club that everybody dreads…
    If this happens it means that you’ll loose time from your
    Golden time meaning they’ll be less time to have fun!

One of my favorite clubs is Fizz books! You can go on the internet, play games. Everything!  

Concentrating in Construction

                                                         Fun in Fizz Books

Great Gardening

Messy Art

Energetic Netball

Log in next week to see what we get up to in ICT Club!

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Solar powered boats

The Year 5 children from Oak Class and some of the year 5's from Elm class went to West Leed's CLC for the day to learn how to make their own boats that were powered by solar panels. They had to build their boats and connect them up to the solar panels to make their motor power the boat across the water.

 Check out some of the pictures of the day and see how well they got on....
The boys are testing how the strength of the sun that will be converted in to energy.
Putting the boat together.....

Showing off their finished boats...
Practice time before the race...
Getting ready to race!