Monday 11 October 2010

Farm Visit

On Tuesday 12th October Maple Class visited 'St Leonard's Farm and had an amazing time! Have a look at what we got up to...
Milking a cow (not a real one though!!)

Ms Walker shows off her chicken expertise!

Bravely holding a chick.

Mrs Elliott wanted to take the goat home and her bag was looking suspiciously full as we left the farm!
Despite being terrified of rats, Miss Bavin held one and even carried it around for the children to look at!

Holding a guineapig.

Holding the ferret carefully.

Being daring on the zip wire!

Maple class would like to thank all the adults who volunteered to help us on the trip.
Keep looking as we continue to add more of our work that we are doing on farms!!

As part of our work in literacy we have been thinking about writing in sentences. Listen to the first sentence...

Now listen to the improvement we made as a class. We all tried to use the word because to make our sentence longer.

Friday 8 October 2010


In September the Early Years Team ran a workshop for parents about phonics- thank you to those parents who attended!

Your children have been working really hard at learning the first phonemes (letter sounds) and are really excited about teaching you the actions and how to say the phoneme sounds correctly.

Phoneme 'a'

Phoneme 's'

Phoneme 't'

Phoneme 'p'

Phoneme 'n'

Phoneme 'i'

Phoneme 'c' 'k' 'ck' (all of these graphemes make the same sound)

Phoneme 'd'

Phoneme 'g'

If you would like to check how to say some of the sounds try this youtube video clip the video is called 'Phonics Literacy - Letters and Sounds of the Alphabet'

Last week we went on a phoneme hunt around the classroom. We were looking for 's'.

Below you can see Grace at the phoneme table. She is sorting the items in the basket. Items that begin with 's' go in one pot, items that begin with 'a' go in another pot.

We have been practising the phoneme songs in our recap session. Have a listen...


In book bags this week was a sheet to help support your child with the first stages of reading. The following clip shows you how we read each phoneme together and then blend them.