Tuesday 6 March 2012

Stan Kenyon 2012

In Oak Class, children have started on their new goal. The goal is "making your journey to school better".  Their ways of being creative whilst learning is incredible. One of our pupils has made a cigarette to go towards 'stopping people smoke'. But he has put warning signs and ways to stop smoking on it as well! Another pupil has made a fantastic model with graffiti on a wall. One side has a clear wall with pleasant surroundings, but the other side has litter everywhere as well.

This is the wall which says "stop grafitti" on it.

And this is on the other side of the wall.

Here is a park that has lots of 'open me!' flaps.

Mrs Warren was flabbergasted at the sheer work by the children! And when some children had finished, she was amazed at the fact that some children had finished in a week!