Tuesday 13 March 2012

Oak class workshop with Ansel Mandingo

Oak class have been working with a Jamaican man called Ansel Mandingo. He is an excellent story teller and has been teaching Oak how to rap like a Jamaican. The story was about a lazy teenager who was engaged to a beautiful woman. At the end, he scared all of the girls in Oak Class. The next day, he taught Oak how to rap. Everyone enjoyed it as much as dodge ball! All of the children tried very hard at making some lyrics, and it was amazing. Once Friday assembly had come, Ansel was showing the adults what the whole school had done. Oak class showed off their raps, and then the whole school started dancing in the hall!

Ansel telling Oak a story.
                                                 Ansel teaching a group of children to rap.

Here is one of Oak class' children rapping:

Here, the whole school is dancing!
This was one of the best visitors that Oak had received! They thought Ansel was hilarious in their assembly and he was an amazing rapper!

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  1. It was really cool at the end( I all most did wee my pants!!!). By Jacob.w (: