Thursday 26 May 2011

KS2 Roman Day

This half term the whole of Key Stage 2 have been using the Romans as a learning topic.

Beech have been using Roman Numerals in Maths, and designing, making and composing descriptive writing pieces about Roman helmets in D.T and Literacy. We have been learning all about the history of the Romans and some of the famous characters in history such as Julius Caeser and the Gladiators.

This week Key Stage 2 had a very special visitor. A real life(!) Roman Centurion came to Ashfield to teach us more about Roman life, show us some artefacts and weapons; teach us some Roman games and pottery skills; and whip us into shape by training us to be a Roman army.

Below are some pictures and video of the Year 3/4 day on Wednesday.
Ella tries on a Roman auxiliary soldier dress.

Roman Games

Getting ready for battle.

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  1. we had a great day being Romans

    Nat B