Friday 6 May 2011

Golden Time at Ashfield

This week at ICT Club we decided to take some photographs and video clips of all the different Golden Time Clubs going on around school. We also used Text Ease and Word to write about Golden Time.
See our work below.
  Golden time

Golden time is a fantastic way to have fun! There are all sorts of clubs to choose from! For example…
·       Fizz books
·       Netball/hockey
·       I.C.T
·       Table tennis
·       Messy art

But there’s one other club that everybody dreads…
    If this happens it means that you’ll loose time from your
    Golden time meaning they’ll be less time to have fun!

One of my favorite clubs is Fizz books! You can go on the internet, play games. Everything!  

Concentrating in Construction

                                                         Fun in Fizz Books

Great Gardening

Messy Art

Energetic Netball

Log in next week to see what we get up to in ICT Club!

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