Wednesday 20 July 2011

Niamh Show and Tell

Niamh brought some photographs of her holiday for show and tell. This photo is of Niamh andf her sister Isla.
 Niamh is sitting on a cannon at Bamburgh Castle.
Niamh is trying archery.


  1. bramburgh looks awsome I wish I went the archery looks cool!

  2. Was it fun? i wish i ent. did you enjoy it.WOW

  3. Hi, yes i did like my holiday. I spent a lot of time on the beach.It was fun.I went with my famly.I had a go with my mum and dad's friends' big kite. It was cold most days, even though it was our "summer" holiday! We visited castles & even went for a meal at the Pub!! We stayed in a Holiday Cottage with my Granny, Grandad, Mum, Dad, Sister and for the first few days with mym & dad's friend - Robin! We also found loads of rock pools & went crabbing & caught some - but we put them back afterwards! We went on a boat trip to the Farne isles - it was very smelly from all the birds & seals!! The archery was really cool & I have since done some archery at a club that my Dad is a member of. - from Niamh.