Tuesday 8 March 2011

Flex Dance Reports

Two members of of Oak Class wrote this report about our Flexdance experience.

In Ashfield, we had an active day on Monday 7th March 2011, from classes Beech to Oak (Y3-Y6).  We have been dancing all day long.  A very lovely lady called Sam came in to teach us.

All of the classes danced to different songs: Beech class danced to It's On by Camp Rock; Elm class danced to Get your Head In The Game by High School Musical cast and Oak class danced to Dynamite by Taio Cruz.  At first some boys at school thought it would be a bit boring, but after about ten minutes, they turned around and said, "I really like this dancing after all." 

Each class had a stunning performance to show off all the fabulous things they had learned, at the end of the day.  Everyone was enthusiastically joining in with the dance and trying their hardest to make this an excellent performance.  All of the children who participated wanted this event to happen again.

On Monday 7th March, each class in KS2 enthusiastically performed a dance, taught by Sam, an adult expert in Flexdance.  First half of Beech Class performed Camp Rock 2's It's On

Then after that fabulous performance, the other half of Beech class and Orchard steped up.  One child even did break dancing!  A lot of the teachers were astounded!!!

Calmly, Elm class had their share.  They danced to High School Musical's Get Your Head In The Game.  They all danced to the beat howing excellent rythm.

Eventually, it was Oak Class's turn.  They put all their effort, heart and sul into it.  They performed Dynamite by Taio Cruz.  There was even a lift included in it. 

After everyone had danced fabulously, the teachers could not believe that the boys had enjoyed it so much. (Initially most of them weren't that keen.)  Everyone got a huge round of applause, however Sam got the biggest round of applause, because KS2 couldn't have done it without her.

Please also look on the main area for a video of all of KS2's dances.

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  1. This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait till the next dance!!!