Wednesday 15 December 2010

Musical Instrument Designs

Children in Oak class have researched, designed and made their own musical instruments. They were designed to create suitable sound effects for our school production 'Scrooged'. Their design specification stated they had to be made almost entirely from reused materials such as plastic bottles, biscuit tins and cardboard boxes. They had to think about how they would make their instrument vibrate to create suitable noises. Some children even thought about how to create quiet/loud and high/low pitched noises.

Tom explains how his musical instrument creates spooky noises.

Tim created a design which allowed the musician to change the tension of the elastic bands to create higher and lower pitched sounds.

Charly included portability in her design specification, therefore she included a useful neck strap in her design.

Leearna explains her design and reflects upon how she would change her design if she had the opportunity to make it again.


  1. did you have FUN making your musical instroments

  2. I loved making all the musical instruments with Miss Carpenter